How to use the Wiki

Logging in

The first thing you need to do to be able to create or edit wiki pages is log in or create an account. This can be done at If you don’t have an account then you can create one via the website or you can login via Facebook. If you already have an account but want to use Facebook you can link your Facebook account in your account settings.

Editing Pages & New Pages

Once you log in you should see the normal wiki page but with this new bar at the top:

To edit a page you can either click on the edit page/post button in the top bar or you can click on the pencil with edit written next to it which looks like this:

To create a new page you click the new button and you select post, not page! This will make a new page, but it will not link it on the front page, you need to do that yourself.

Once you have named your post a link will be generated bellow with the date the page was made and the name of the page in it, copy this link.

Now navigate to the front page (I’d recommend doing this in a new tab), click edit page and add in the title of your page in the relevant category or make a new category for it. Then select the title and click the paperclip icon in the tool bar to add a URL hyperlink and paste the link of your page in. This method can be used to create a link to and post on the wiki within any other post on the wiki.

When you have finished writing your wiki page or editing the front page you need to publish if it’s new or update the page if you’re modifying an existing one. On the right hand side of the editing page there is a box that will allow you to preview your post, change the publicity, e.g if it’s storing passwords and you only want the admins to be able to view it, to choose the status to draft or pending review, to browse previous version of the page or to schedule when you want the edit or post to update. For example you want it to update on April the 1st because you’re some form of really boring troll, you can set the date, year and even time. Finally if you’ve realised your post is complete trash and full of nonsense you can delete it altogether.


There are lots of options when it comes to formatting, but the main one is probably use of titles, bullet points and pictures.


There are two views that you can see a work in progress post in. The first is Visual, this will not show you exactly what the page will look like, but it’s a pretty good indication and is the view I would recommend you use. The second is text view, this will display the page in raw HTLM format, this allows you to do all sorts of fancy things with HTML within the limits that WordPress puts on allowed tags. For the rest of the section I will assume that you will be using the Visual view.

The tile of the page is the first thing that will load on the final page, so you don’t need to repeat it as the first line, you can normally dive straight into writing stuff out.


It’s quite handy to split up your post into sections and label them using a title, to do this type some text, select it and then select the relevant Heading from the drop down in the tool bar. Each heading will show up on the final page as you see below, heading 1 is the same as the tile of the page so it should not be used.

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Heading’s will automatically be picked up by the table of contents and displayed at the top of the page.


There lots of ways to format information that may make it easier to read, for example if you are pasting some code you may want to use the ‘preformated’ style.

This style can be applied via the same drop-down as the headings

You can also include block quotes.

Sometimes I forget I’m ginger and then I realise I’m f***ed

The Dort – a Sunny Day in 2017

This is done by high-lighting the text you wish to mark as a quote and clicking the quotation mark on the tool bar (note: you have to do the same for the reference and make it italic manually)

You can add bullet lists and numbered lists by clicking their respective buttons at the top, pressing enter will make a new line with the next number or a new bullet until you select it and press the bullet point/number list button at the top again. Pressing TAB will indent the list and create sub numbers, to un-indent you need to press enter twice.

  1. First line
  2. Second line
    1. Pressing tab on the third line
  3. Double pressing enter

Finally there’s Shortcodes. WordPress using something called Shortcodes, these are bits of text between one of these [ and ], so typically they look like this [shortcode]. To use shortcodes you make a first to open it and another with a / to close it, for example would normally embed the YouTube video with that URL in the page.

There are several defaults in WordPress, they are listed bellow, click on them to find out more about using them and what they do.






We also have:

[­spoiler show=”Show text here” hide=”Hide text here”]

This is used hide text and will display that text when clicked. For example:

[­spoiler show="Totally not Portal 2 spoilers" hide="Ok so I lied..."]GLaDOS is Chell's mum[­/spoiler]

Will display as:

[spoiler show=”Totally not Portal 2 spoilers” hide=”Ok so I lied…”]GLaDOS is Chell’s mum[/spoiler]


Finally there’s HTML formatting tags. These are very similar to short codes except they use < and > instead of [ and ].

To use HTML tags you need to go into the text view of the post other wise HTML tags will show up as text and will not function.

Almost anything you use with standard HTML you can use, there’s literally thousands of tags so I’m not going to even attempt to list any, but I’d recommend you google HTML text formatting if what you want to do isn’t possible with Shortcodes or the default formatting options.

An example of some HTML formatting is the <kbd> tag, this can be used for things like code snippets or important bits of coding that you want to stand out on the page. For example:

<kbd>random text here</kbd>

Will show as:

random text here


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