SD cards and Importing clips

When you finish filming it’s quite important that you import all your footage straight away and then clear of the footage from the camera or SD card. If we don’t do this you end up with a situation where months old footage is building up on cameras and SD cards meaning people run out of space and don’t know what they can delete, this means from time to time they delete the footage you spent hours perfecting because you didn’t import to the computers. We learnt this the hard way…

SD Cards

We have quite a selection of SD cards available to use however they are not all the same and there are a couple of important factors to take not of.

All SD cards will have a speed class, this is the speed that data can be written to them, this is important as the camera is spiting out data at a certain speed depending on quality settings of the camera. You need to make sure that the SD card you are using is fast enough for the video quality you are trying to capture.

An SD cards speed class with either be written in the form of ??MB/s or it will have one or more symbols on it, the meaning of those can be determined from the chart below.

It is important to note that with a micro SD card used with a full SD card adaptor, the speed class of the SD card is likely to be limited by the adaptor, these very rarely say what speed they are. Avoid using a micro SD card with an adaptor unless it is absolutely necessary.


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