Remote Desktop/Storage

Sometimes you need to access some footage stored on the macs or do some editing from home, luckily we have a way of doing that! However you do need access to certain accounts, so not just anyone can do that.

Remote Desktop

Both of the Mac’s can be accessed through google Chrome’s remote screen sharing plugin. To access this you need to download google Chrome, log in with the StagTV gmail account ([email protected]) and go to the chrome extension store. Now you need to find the ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ plugin. Install that and follow the setup process. Once that is done open the extension you have just installed (can be done via chrome or directly from a shortcut you should have created during the install), you should see the following:

Mac One is desktop on the left of the office, Mac Two is the all-in-one on the right of the office. To connect simply select the one you wish to access and type in the PIN (436587 – It’s the same for both). Mac Two is usually smoother as all the storage is connected to Mac Two and network shared to Mac One (Mac Two is also newer).

Remote Storage

Coming soon, will be done via FTP. Look up FileZilla and other FTP clients.


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