Connecting Cameras

We have a range of cameras with different outputs and a even wider range of inputs! This page explains how to match them all up!

The Stream PC’s Inputs

The Stream PC can have up to 7 active inputs at once. One of those is 4K. Below is a fully labelled Stream PC.

As you can see most of the video inputs are in the bottom left and are mostly via SDI.

The 4 configurable in/out and the two HD In’s will all take 1080p25/i50 or lower.

The two labelled as 4K inputs are for dual link 4K, this means you need two SDI cables for one 4K input.

The very bottom HD SDI input can be swapped with the very top HDMI input.

Likewise the 4K inputs can be swapped with the 4K HDMI inputs.

Via the two breakout cables you can also add S-Video, Component and Composite video sources.

These inputs can all be configured via the Blackmagic desktop video utility or via the Livestream studio inputs menu. Livestream will not correctly identify the input of the very bottom card, so it must be set manually via the conversion options.

Note: The audio inputs/outputs via the two breakout cables are only active when there is a video source connected to the relevant video input/output.

The Camera Outputs

We have three types of camera, the two SONY cameras, the Canon XA25 and the Panasonic GH4. Naturally they all have different outputs…


These cameras by default output at 1080i50 via the HDMI port on the side. They can be lowered to 720p25 but they will not do 1080p25. They only have HDMI out. With these cameras we normally attach our Blackmagic HDMI to SDI converters with a 25cm HDMI cable and run the rest via SDI. Any input on the stream PC will take this cameras output.

Canon XA25

This camera defaults to 1080p50 via both SDI and Mini HDMI outputs. However this has a range of options via the settings and can output via either Mini HDMI or SDI or Both. It is recommended to leave this camera on auto unless operated via an experienced cameras person. Any input on the stream PC will take this cameras output.


This cameras defaults to 2160p25 (4K) via its Micro HDMI. This can be set to downscale to 1080p25/50 if 4K isn’t necessary. The HDMI to SDI converters will not convert it’s default signal into a 4K SDI signal as they do not support 4K. Therefore this camera is normally connected via the 4K HDMI input and is kept relatively close to the Stream PC. This camera is normally used as a fixed wide with live cropping.


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