2019 February


Overview Tripods are good and something you should probably understand because they’re used a lot. Luckily, they’re reasonably easy to understand so shouldn’t cause too many traumatic experiences (as long as you don’t hit yourself/someone else with it). Set up Open up the tripod so it can stand up by itself (some of the tripods… read more »


Overview: Like most things/people in the office, cameras are important and very breakable so don’t drop them or they will complain, loudly. We generally use three types of cameras- the Canon, the GH4s and the SONYs. The cameras have a little hole on the bottom of them which allows you to attach them to the… read more »

Premiere Pro

We generally use Premiere Pro to edit our videos (although other software is available if needed). This is basic guide to editing in Premiere- more detail will be added once it is learnt by the lovely person writing this post. Starting up To start a new project, open Premiere and once it loads up (unsurprisingly)… read more »


For our Livestreams, we use some fancy software called Livestream Studio that is installed on the Stream PC (the very very big heavy black box in the office). This post will outline how to set up the Stream PC, set up Livestream Studio and go live! Setting up the Stream PC We generally keep any… read more »

Office Equipment Locations

There are a lot of cupboards, shelves, and drawers in the office. Most are labelled, but it may still be hard to find equipment, or know where to put it back. This page is the definitive guide to equipment location. The order of this page begins on the left-hand side as you enter the office,… read more »