Office Equipment Locations

There are a lot of cupboards, shelves, and drawers in the office. Most are labelled, but it may still be hard to find equipment, or know where to put it back. This page is the definitive guide to equipment location.

The order of this page begins on the left-hand side as you enter the office, with the booking PC, and follows the walls round, ending on the right-hand side as you enter the office with the tall shelves.

The Booking Zone

On top of the cabinet

The left of this surface is the Booking PC, including a keyboard, mouse, and barcode scanner. This is always on, with the scanning page open.

The right of this surface is typically used to put items that members have left in the office that we would like removed.

Key words: booking, checkout, lost and found, missing

Inside the cabinet

This cabinet is primarily for lighting.

Shelf 1

This shelf is for lighting reflectors and diffusers. Bounce light off them, shine a light through them- they all have zippable removable covers to change the colour and opacity.

Shelf 2

On the left are the Lishuai LS 650 AS LED lights (LIG010 and LIG011), which are our largest, high-quality LED Bi-colour panels. These take two Sony NP-F batteries. One kit includes a double-charger for NP-F batteries. Both kits include a power adaptor.

On the right are the Aputure LED panels (LIG100 and LIG101), these are also bi-colour and use the same NP-F batteries. These bags both include a power adaptor. These lights belong to Sam Chilton.

Shelf 3

This shelf has the cheap camera-mounted lights (LIG001, LIG002, LIG003, LIG004). These should only really be used for Deja Vubix, because their quality is poor. They also use Sony NP-F batteries, although they also work with 6xAA batteries, we wouldn’t recommend this. There are a number of covers and colour-changers for these lights on this shelf.

Any additional small lights also go here.

Shelf 4

This shelf is used to store extra computing and networking components and generally won’t need to be accessed by members.

The Mic Drawers

The drawers to the left of Mac One are mostly for microphones and audio, but other things are also stored here.

On top of the drawers

The office telephone is kept here. Our phone number is 01483684092 or 4092 from any internal University phone. It is recommended that you answer the phone if it rings.

In the drawers

Drawer 1 – ‘Bits and bobs’


Drawer 2 – ‘3.5mm Audio, Mic fittings, Lav mics’

The back of this drawer is the location for 3.5mm or ‘mini-jack’ cables, the typical connection for consumer headphones. There aren’t many normal male-male cables in here, but some male-female extension cables and splitters are kept here.

Occasionally, extra XLR cables will end up here. If really short, they probably belong in a bag with a boom mic. If really long, they probably belong in the stream PC’s middle drawer.

Mic fittings/holders are kept in this drawer if they are not kept with an individual mic.

Spare lav/lapel mics are kept here, although many of these are poor quality and cannot be recommended for reliable use.

Old shotgun mics are kept here, but also should not be used.

Drawer 3 – ‘Shotgun/Boom mics, Wireless mic kits’

Two wireless mic kits (AUD001 and AUD002), Three RODE boom/shotgun mics (AUD005, AUD006, AUD007) each in a bag with a foam windscreen and a short XLR cable.

Some microphone flags (the cubes with our logo on them that go on a mic) are usually in here too. Don’t use the ones with the old logo!

Drawer 4 – ‘Bubble wrap’


Mac One

Mac One is a 2012 Mac Pro, and is kept under the desk. On the desk is an Apple Cinema display, a second monitor, a set of Logitech speakers, an Apple keyboard, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, a Contour Shuttle, and probably another USB mouse for when the Magic Mouse is being less-than-magic. Replace the rechargeable AA batteries in the wireless peripherals if they run out.

The Tape Drawers

Most commonly accessed to get tape or sticky notes, but many other items lurk within.

Inside the drawers

Drawer 1 – ‘Keys’

Mostly keys for drawers and shelves that we never lock. There are also some non-rechargeable batteries such as 9V batteries here.

Drawer 2 – ‘Tape, Sticky notes’

Electrical tape (commonly referred to as ‘sparky’), gaffer tape, and sticky notes. Do not use StagTV sticky notes with the old branding outside of the office.

Drawer 3 – ‘Branding’

StagTV stickers, leaflets, and the label maker

Drawer 4 – ‘Camera & lens accessories’

Extra lens caps, some weird lenses that probably belong to Sam Chilton, lens cleaning accessories.


This document is to be continued soon.


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