Like most things/people in the office, cameras are important and very breakable so don’t drop them or they will complain, loudly. We generally use three types of cameras- the Canon, the GH4s and the SONYs. The cameras have a little hole on the bottom of them which allows you to attach them to the base plate of a tripod.

Before you use the cameras, make sure they have an SD card in otherwise you won’t record anything (with the exception of the SONYs which have built in storage). Whenever you get back from shooting something, put the camera batteries on charge straight away because otherwise you’ll forget and then whoever needs them next time will be sad 🙁

The Canon

The Canon is quick and easy to set up and shoot with. To switch it on, slide the switch on the top left side of the unit to camera- the screen will turn on and you can start recording (using the red record button on the back of the camera). The camera is normally set to focus automatically and to zoom use the buttons near the hand strap.

The camera has its own bag- keep all the stuff for the Canon in the Canon bag so if someone picks up the bag, they’ll have all the things they need for filming with it. The camera has a holder for a mic which is plugged in using a short XLR cable, which you’ll need to use for recording audio.

If you’re using the Canon with its battery rather than being plugged into a power source, make sure you put the battery in first before attaching to the tripod as the battery won’t be fit if you put it in after.

The GH4s

Like the Canon, the GH4s are relatively self-intuitive. We often use them for fixed wide shots on live streams or for taking Behind the Scenes pictures.


These cameras are generally used for Deja Vubix and Exec streams. Unlike the Canon and the GH4s (which both take SDI), the SONYs only take HDMI which is okay if the camera is set up near the PC that is powering the stream. In the event that the SONY is far away from the PC, use an SDI cable and a Decimator (which converts SDI to HDMI and visa versa) because HDMI doesn’t work well over long distances.



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