Tripods are good and something you should probably understand because they’re used a lot. Luckily, they’re reasonably easy to understand so shouldn’t cause too many traumatic experiences (as long as you don’t hit yourself/someone else with it).

Set up

Open up the tripod so it can stand up by itself (some of the tripods have a latch that keeps the legs together at the bottom so you might have to undo that first). There are latches on each of the legs that can be used to adjust the height of the tripod- make sure each leg is the same length otherwise the shot won’t be level (there’s a spirit level at the top of the legs to help).

For the handle, loosen the dial that is attached to it, spin it around so it can be held easily, and then tighten it again once its in the position that you need it in. There are two controls on the side of the

tripod, controlling how stiff the vertical and horizontal movements are- loosen these to have more movement with the camera, or for a fixed shot leave them tight so that the camera won’t move.

Attaching a Camera

Use the latch at the back of the baseplate to remove it from the tripod. You can then attach a camera to the baseplate by screwing the screw into the hole on the bottom of the camera. To re-attach the baseplate and camera to the tripod, slot the plate back where it should be, push down on the little lever and spin it back to where it was before- this should lock it in place but check everything is secure before trying to film anything- broken cameras = broken dreams.



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