When Crew can help

‘Crew’, in StagTV conversations, can mean one of two things

  • Whichever people are in a livestream ‘crew’ for a particular event
  • Surrey Stage Crew, the society
  • The storage and equipment organised by USSU, Ian Lipp, and the above society

There will often be large events, typically live events, when StagTV will either collaborate with Crew, or will need to rely on crew for some extra equipment or infrastructure. In brief, Crew have:

  • Lots and lots of microphones of many kinds
  • A ridiculous amount of XLR
  • A good bit of SDI
  • Lots of good power distribution cables and equipment of all varieties
  • Some cameras (the only worthwhile ones being 3 pan-tilt cameras)

This stuff does not in any way belong to StagTV and StagTV does not have ‘the right’ to use it. But with a friendly conversation with members of Crew (they don’t bite!), you’ll often find they are more than accommodating.

For example, something we might come up short on is SDI for a big livestream. As of writing, these are the numbers:

LengthStagTV hasCrew has

StagTV and Crew both have some short 1-3m or patch length SDI too.


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