Connecting Cameras

We have a range of cameras with different outputs and a even wider range of inputs! This page explains how to match them all up! The Stream PC’s Inputs The Stream PC can have up to 7 active inputs at once. One of those is 4K. Below is a fully labelled Stream PC. As you… read more »

Finished filming? – What to do next

So you’ve just finished filming, you have a load of footage and you’ve got back to the office. You’re now wondering where you put that footage and what are you going to do with it, this page explains just that! Where do I put my footage and other bits of media/content?  

Remote Desktop/Storage

Somestimes you need to access some footage stored on the macs or do some editing from home, lucknig we have a way of doing that! However you do need access to certian accounts, so not just anyone can do that. Remote Desktop Both of the Mac’s can be accessed thrugh google Chrome’s remote screen sharing… read more »